Hey darlings.

Still cannot fathom the fact that this semester is almost over.

But oh well.

Right now, my eyes are dry they're hurting. I mean, it's dry and itchy so I cannot resist the urge to rub my eyes until I look like I had been crying for two weeks straight. My lips are dry too. Secretly hoping that someone will buy me eos lip balm, summer fruit flavored. And hopes remain hopes. Guess I'll have to get it by myself. Later. When I got the money to do so. My skin, too, is dry as f. My heart is almost dry as well. Not forget to mention, my hair too. It's fuzzy and, like, not manageable as before.

I am so done with my body right now. Can I have Victoria Beckham's? Or maybe Charity Vance's?

How can people like them look so good. Gosh.

These days I'm so obsessed with braids. I do it, like, to myself, almost everyday. It's much more like a routine for me right now. Like doing makeup and stuff. Tried almost everything I've watched on youtube tutorials, but still, my skills does not move a notch. Tried it on other people's hair, well, at least it was not disastrous.

These days I rarely sleep and eat at my own room. Spent most of my time at my friends'. I feel more at ease and I feel more belonged there. I don't even know why. Probably because my girls. My favorite girls. Lav chu gals.

These days I am so into daisies. They're so cute I want to plant them on myself.

These days I lack of inspiration to blog. Kbye my daisies lav cha mmuah (catch my kiss)