What's up people.

Lovely, people.

Currently I am home. Just right on my bed. And it feels like, damn. I never want to leave to Penang again. Though it would be much better if Sylvester is around. Now he's gone too. This house is catless. Hmm. I really should not get emotionally attached to cats again. Cats are like boyfriends. They give you hope and happiness for a while, but then suddenly, BOOM. They're all gone, in short notice.

No more cats.

I wonder what do people do to make them feel good. As for me, I would put on mascara, some lip balm and speed off to Starbucks. Or watch my cats go to sleep. But again, I have no cats. Not even a cat.


I am home for about a week, as it is my study week's break. Yeah means that the finals are impossibly near. I haven't really study for that thing though, just hoping for miracle to happen and prayers from you guys. Pfft. Haven't study for finals yet but currently I am reading the books bought from the Big Bad Wolf. Yup I went again to that event only it was in Johore this time. Went with mom and bro and surprisingly mom paid for us harharhar.

Same bed but it feels just a little bit bigger now.

God the bed feels bare when I sleep alone. Anybody, mind to accompany me on the bed?

That sounds wrong, but, oh well.

Will write to you later peeps. Lav cha ♥