hey sexy

I am so into the world cup I don't even know how or why or since when or

Oh well.

Anyway I haven't wrote for a while. Blame the finals.

Ramadhan is coming. Yayy cannot wait. The world cup, is, you know, happening. I support Brazil (no hate please). Neymar is just, ugh. I love him, his skills and all. Ugh. I'm a noob I don't really know about these stuff but, you know, he's gorgeous.

And still, I cannot get over the drama; Suarez biting on Chiellini. He should consider acting in twilight, or jaws, or maybe cannibalism, walking dead maybe?

And I am so going to watch these matches though it's going to be on fasting month. I'll only watch if the match has someone I know and I only know like less than 10 person. Neymar, Messi, Suarez, Christiano Ronaldo(?), Gerrard (boo they're already out I guess), etc etc. Oh, and Ochoa, he's a great goalie I must admit.

I find that football really is enjoyable, only to watch, and please people no hate on any of the team or player whatever. You guys are sucker than they are. And please do support Brazil. Adios loves