gain weight don't care

Hello awesomes.

This whole week I am so very freaking happy *insert Happy form Pharrell Williams here*



Not only because I am home but also the fact that I had satisfied my Johorean tongue craving yeahuuuuu. I ate mee rebus, mee bandung, otak-otak kempas, asam pedas daun kesum and nasi ambeng. Actually there is more but unfortunately I cannot had them all in just a week. I need more time. To eat and to rest and to run away from obligations. Studying. Or more like student dying.

But oh well.

And my mother and I started to fall in love with baking. We did bake some cookies, turned out well and we are motivated to continue it. Later. When I am home. Again.

I am going back to Penang tomorrow. Ugh. Homework untouched absolutely. I am so fucked up. Three tests coming up right after and two assignments to be done and here I am blogging like nothing bad is going to happen.

Oh well.

Imagine this. In a week, I had four ventis and two grandes of coffee. Total of 112 ounce of coffee in a week. Gosh I really need to get a grip of myself. Ugh.

But oh well.

I really need the whole collection of Keri Smith's book. I swear to god I'm going to get it with whatever means. But hey, I still have RM100 of bb1m. At least I can buyu two of them. The only question is when do I get to buy it. And where can I buy it. Hmm. I also want to read John Green's The Fault In Our Stars. Hmm. Dilemma. Hmm. Hmm.

And my birthday is coming up people. I'm close to turning 17. For the third time. I want cakes and ice creams and loads of presents okay.

Bye loves. Xoxo.