hectic week

Hello fellows.

Oh my god. This week was. Just. Ugh.

I have never been this busy before. And this tired.

But I don't care I love it I don't care.

Lets start with Monday, the day everybody hates. Particularly me, because that day, not only that I will never get over the weekend yet but also the fact that my schedule is really packed. Like, really. It's fine with me if I can get my beautiful rest during the night time BUT I had to attend a talk that freaking night. Luckily the talk was okay. Probably just because it was more fun than I thought. Or probably just because I saw my crush. Hmm.

He was so


And Tuesday was like any typical Tuesday only for the fact that I had to stay at Tekun until late night for the preparation of WUS on the next day and Lin belanja makan Pizza sebab birthday dia. Happy 21st birthday dear Lin.

Wednesday. Ugh that freaking Wednesday. It started badly as my friends and I had a presentation early in the morning. 8 in the morning. Even that is not the big deal. The thing is that one of our groupmates was absent during the presentation. You want to know who? That guy I hate who invited himself to our group. I mentioned him before in my previous post. He edited the original slide without our knowing and we had to cover his part. Only 20 minutes before the class ended he came. Ugh. Luckily we did just fine. Then I had to rush for WUS. What the hell is WUS? It is like a practical for entrepreneurship class. Yes, we have to sell things. Yes, I did sell things. That was quite fun and we all were tired as hell I cannot even put it in words. At the end of the day, I was so proud that we actually did it. Though I did so little. My homies Eira and Hazirah, random guy Farhan, and Vivian and Tan they did most of them. I am only in charge of the decoration. But it was okay. Okay.


Thursday is when the fun started. Though my tiredness from WUS was not yet settled, I went straight to Kuala Lumpur right after English class. I went for a number of reasons. First, to send my friend who is about to further her study at Japan. Not really send her to Japan, just send her at the airport. But even then, I was unable to. Konon nak bagi surprise. Surprise tak jadi. Second, to meet my Lendu girls. From KL Central I took a train to Padang Jawa, took a cab, only then I arrived at UiTM Shah Alam. Razween Rashidi made me took public transportation. But it was okay. At least I can have the experience. That night I stayed at her room. She never changed. We slept before midnight. I felt really weird. Not only that I am a student from USM at UiTM but also I feel really odd to be asleep that early.

The next day, Aween belanja me breakfast at Subway. Again, she never really change. She put three packets of sugar in her tea and said that it was okay for her. I only had two packets and I cannot stand the sweetness. Kfoine. That afternoon I depart from UiTM back to KL Central. Bought a ticket back to Johore and took a train to Mid Valley to meet Zakiah Ahmad. Aween should have come along with me but she had a class she did not want to miss. Kelas ganti je pun. See? She never changed. The rest of the afternoon I spent with Kiah was really fun. We did window shopping, watched a movie. But the best is that we have each other as company, and judge people, in magazines. Okay, we did judge people in real life, but only those couples who thought they were all alone though their dumbasses were at the public It could have been better if Aween came along. When we part, it was like in the movies. Our paths were completely in the opposite way so we had to wait for the train at different platforms. The thing is that, our platforms face each other, if you know what I mean. It really was like in the movies.

Continuing the story of the same day. So I took a train to go back to Johore. Bad decision. It was supposed to depart at 2230 but due to technical problems, the train did not start the journey until it was 2330. And throughout the night, I could not sleep because of continuous snore. Ugh. I solemnly swear I will not take any land transportation for long distance journey. I arrived at JB Central around 0830 the next morning and my dad was there to fetch me.

And now I am at home sweet home. Could have been happier if Tabby was here to greet me.

But at least Sylvester is here. But no two cats are the same.

God help me to move on.

There's a thief in the night to come and grab you. That can creep up inside you and consume you. A disease of the mind that can control you. I feel like a monster. Bla bla bla.

Yeah I'm listening to Disturbia.

Bum bum bee dum bum bum bee dum bum.

So, yeah.

I love you awesomes. Muahh♥