Ni hao.

Ada udang disebalik batu.

Baru nak sayang Dr. Parthiban lebih sebab cancel kelas tutorial untuk SBW205 dan SBU201.

Tiba-tiba buka e-learning dia kata next week mak buat quiz. Untuk dua-dua kelas.

Sekian terima kasih.

Kbai kbai kbai.

Nak study lah ni untuk quiz next week.

Dengan Dr. Khoo punya tutorial kena buat presentation homaigaaaaad.

Life is full of surprises, right? And the sky is not always blue. This week is full of travesty incidents. First, the case for DS Anwar Ibrahim regarding sodomy (or something like that) that happened and was closed, for like, last decade was brought up. Again. Right before the Kajang election. OMG people it is happening just, like, right in front of our eyes how dirty politics in Malaysia is. And how desperate these people can be to maintain their power. Ugh. I don't know. Poor man was sentenced to jail for five years.

Then, #PrayForMH370. I am not really sure about that so I'll just keep my mouth shut. Just pray for the best, for their safety. Also for their kith and kin who are worried to sick about them. Stay strong people.

Rasa macam baru hari tu tengok cerita kapal terbang kena hijack (Non-stop)

So this week I am extra attached to the library. Part of it is to search for books related to my courses. And now I'm a pro at searching, finding, borrowing and returning books. Yay for me. Another part of it is to borrow fictions. They have a series of good novels omg I love them and it feels like heaven there. I just finished "The Black Dahlia" from James Ellroy and "Change of Heart" from Jodi Picoult. I am so going to borrow other novels. Speaking of which, I have got the book voucher. Yay again for me. I spent RM50 on Buku Fixi. English novels from Malay authors, sounds good right. And I'm about to go for The Freaking Big Bad Wolf happening on 20th March at Penang Times Square. Super yay. Tahu tahu je dah dapat baucer buku. Okay. Going back to the point. Library. For most part, actually, honestly, I go there to get my beauty sleep. Kihkihkih. My favourite spot: interaction room where they have bean bags and extra big cushions for you to lean on. Best gila tidoq hang tau dah le air-cond.

Sigh. I should be studying.

His voice so low I got chills going down my spine. Meow.


I went for Enactus interaction night. It is a first for me to join club(s). Clap clap clap. There I met old TESLian coursemates: Yani, Atul, Jas, Faiz. It was alright I guess. So close to have fun that night until freaking Jasfaizi Jasni ask us to do origami. Oh, to be really honest, I'm a sucker for art. Major sucker. Major loser. I got so stressed that one of the fascilitator find me funny. I 'seduced' him so much that he did all the work for me. Hewhewhew. Sorry bro, for everything. Sorry for getting mad, for getting so stressed, and for making you do that freaking origami. And yeah, I forgot to say thank you. How rude of me.

Panjangnya aku tulis. Makin kena study, makin banyak idea nak blog.

And Entrepreneurship class. Ugh. That shit.

I should probably stop blogging now and start studying. Or just dying

G'bye awesomes. I may bore you out but please, I'll write again, so promise me to read them okay. Love.