I just have to.


Trenta-sized, hot, decaf hazelnut latte with an extra shot of espresso and caramel drizzle on top.

Total perfection.

From this moment after, it will be my Starbucks Signature.

So I just came back from Queensbay Mall. Yeah, it's late I know. But hey, I can take good care of myself for I am a young adult. The plan is actually just to get some important things at first. Sort of, important. And dinner. So me and my roommate did achieve our goal for the night in less than one hour. Then things just happen. We 'accidentally' got into the cinema. Watched a movie. And that's that. Trust me, it was unplanned at all. But the movie is quite good, though. Non-stop.

The movie ended at around 23.50 and the mall is about to close.

And no signs of taxis or buses.

So we walked. And Starbucks just happen to still accept customers at that moment of time. And my feet just happen to walk in and get a reward for myself. I think I deserve it for I had been working hard for the past two weeks. Did I? Anyway. I was a bit disappointed, though. I was hoping that I could get the normal, white Starbucks cup so I can try my very first Sharpie art on it. Instead I got the cup for Christmas. It is nowhere near Christmas and it is KEMARAU in here, I was like what the hell dude. But at least they make good coffee.

Due to high amount of caffeine, I am now unable to sleep. Luckily tomorrow is Sunday. Luckily.

Then we happen to meet this abang the taxi driver. He was so nice and so chatty. And he is working so, very hard for that he is about to get married. Selamat bakal pengantin baru, bro. Really, you deserve a happy and prosperous life.

And I still am not sleepy.

Help me.

I'm bored.

And my coffee is not yet finished.

And I'm done here. Chiao awesomes. Be prepared for my next post.