lazy Sunday

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh.

I'm loving the weather.

It rained yesterday. And today it is fairly warm and humid. Alhamdulillah.

I'm not feeling very well these days. Besides common headache, I am experiencing tonsil and flu symptoms. Probably Allah is testing me for the sins I made. Alhamdulillah at least I know I'm not being ignored.

Probably I am just missing home. Technically speaking, I haven't get over my homesickness.

Mama, abah, Afiq, Tabby, Sylvester.


Nothing extraordinary happened this weekend. Just the same boring shit.

Man I am hungry. Cafe is closed. It is not even open anyway. And I am too lazy and too sick to go out. Even if I do, there are only fast food restaurants as normal restaurants will not open until it is 6.00 p.m. Oh god. Rice porridge would be great right now.

There are not much rice porridge place that match my taste bud. In fact, there are only two places. Those two are both placed in Johor.

Bubur Nasi No. 1 Permas Jaya and home.


iCry. Again.

Bye awesomes. Catch up with me later when I feel better okay.