It is almost three weeks since the semester started. How time flies.

Tutorial classes starts next week. And I am still not ready for this shit. Ugh.



It is almost the third week but only now I am trying to be more productive. But hey, better late than never, right? Pelajar rajin katanya pinjam buku perpustakaan. But I am not sure myself if I could digest those stacks in the matter of two weeks. If I try hard enough, I would, right? Fighting Paaw ( ^ , ~ ) v

The subjects I am taking this semester are uberly(?) interesting, seriously. Only that it requires so much reading. Too. Many. Reading. Yeah, I am a big fan of reading, but, you know, only for fictions. Like Dan Brown's kinds and stuff. Do not get me wrong, non-fictions are fine and interesting and all, but they bore me easily. They bore everyone easily. I think. Because it requires so little imagination and freaking authors expect the readers to sort the facts ourselves, which sometimes I failed to, because the reading material did not get my 100 percent focus. I should have taken Reading Skills class more seriously.

Oh how I miss my TESLian friends. Those memories. Ugh.

My "ugh" is not only an expression. It represents mood, state, emotion and everything in between. I use it to answer almost all questions and favours. That is how serious my "ugh" is. You guys should take it more seriously.

And I have been itching to say this.

Actually, at this moment of time, since last semester, I had a crush on this guy. And that's that.

Au revoir awesomes, please wait for my next post.