Penang did you miss me?


Not yet a week here but my laundry basket is already full.

Not yet a week here but my head is aching to the core.

So for this semester I decided to take four subjects for my major (Development Planning and Management) which are Development Theories, Project Planning and Managing, Urbanisation Issues and Governmental and Municipal Laws. But now I feel like redeciding(?) re-decide R-E-D-E-C-I-D-E.


Because two of the subjects I registered for are not for first year students (Project Planning and Managing and Governmental and Municipal Laws). As a result for being so ignorant because I did not refer to the guide book given. So I am in the process to decide whether to drop the courses and take new one(s) or should I stick with those and bear with the possible consequences in semesters to come.

Tapi boleh je kalau nak teruskan pun.

But I had developed interest in this one particular subject offered: Education, Training and Human Resource. But the class starts too early in the morning -_____-" Part of the reason is because I might oversleep and another part of it is because I literally start to function like a normal human being after 10 o'clock. The class starts at 9. And I have to wake up earlier for the preparation. I, myself, doubt that I can be as productive. But at the same time I am afraid that they will not offer the course for next semesters to come.

Think deep. Think hard. Think.

I'll procrastinate just this one time. And for the laundry, too.

So, yeah. I'll write again next time. You're awesome.