Going back to square one.

So I decided to blog again. Hope it's not just another warm warm chicken shit. Tsk.

Well this is awkward. Not that you're awkward. But it's just because we're.. I'm awkward. You're gorgeous. Wait, what?

Maybe I should quote that or else I might be sued by Disney for copyright infringement.

So, getting back to the point. Actually I don't have any.

My life as for now is just below average. I think. If not lower *sigh* interesting things happen to stay the fuck away from me. And this holiday seems to end really fast though I did nothing at all. But I had come to make resolutions for this upcoming semester (because it's too late to make resolutions for new year) which is just days ahead of me, and I can't seem to digest the fact, yet. My flight is on Saturday and classes starts on Monday. Wait, what day is today?

Farah Diba make resolutions? Wow, that's a first *clap* 

1. Cherish all the things that I have around me. Be it people or goods. I'll try not to shit them from now on.
2. Frequently do the things that make me happy PLUS with someone. Or some people. I realized that being alone is a good thing, but being with a bunch of people is better. Especially if they are crazy, if you know what I mean.
3. Make friends with new people. Especially that I will not be attending the same class as my friends are.
4. Stay in touch with my existing friends. They are awesome.
5. Acquire new accent. Johorean done. Northern done. Terengganuian(?) on the way.
6. Let loose. Though I'm turning 20, I don't have to act like one. I'm immortally 17. Though last semester I did act like I'm 70. Focusing on academics are great and all but I'm missing life.
7. Get a fixed sleep and meal time. My body starts to react because of my reckless life.

Really hope that I could do those things so that I'll have a more fun-filled life starting next semester and beyond *fingers crossed* Might seem like it's easy to do but trust me it's not. I'm 21. I've been a teenager for like ten years. I know.

Copyright infringement again. This time it's Ryan Higa, From the video "Forever Alone". And speaking of which, it's only 15 minutes before Valentine's. And I'd still be watching that video.

So, yeah. Please wait for my next post. You are awesome.