Namaste namaste namaste.

So, only now I know that happiness won't stay forever. So does sadness.

Enjoy and cherish the moment while it lasts.

Nak cerita sedih dulu ke nak cerita seronok dulu? Hmm.

Apparently, this week, Dr Parthiban is busy doing his research. So he cancelled both tutorial classes again. And to no surprise, next week we should prepare for a presentation and a quiz. Please cry for me now. Even that is not much of a big deal. You want to know what's worse? For the presentation, four of my friends and I have to team up with the guy that every single person hates. I don't know why I hate him that much, I mean, everybody does, but for no apparent reason. Is that even possible? We didn't even invite him to join our group, he invited himself in. Can you tell how much I hate him even more? Go figure.

But then, my sadness, or should I say disappointment(?) was vanished for a while for I had been to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale wuuwuuwuuuu. The plan was actually to go there on Friday as I don't have any class on Fridays. But apparently, my expected-to-come-along-with-me friends got busy, last minute call. I almost cried at the thought of missing this book sale. But lucky for me, I have a friend like Sharipah Husna Ayuni. We had a last minute plan. Or actually, it was unplanned at all. Thursday morning, right after English class, we went to Penang's Times Square. I thought I will be the only one acting crazy. Turned out Ayu did too. It was the first day of launching and we arrived nearly lunch hour so there were not so many people and we got to shop quite comfortably and efficiently. Once I finished 'tawaf'ing the place, I got almost 30 books in my box. Only for fictions. By the time, I was separated with Ayu, she went her own way and I went on my own. I figured that I needed to sort out my books as I could not possibly brought all of them back without having to sacrifice my kudrat and my savings. Sorting out is a hard thing to do, if you know what I mean. It is so heart-wrenching to abandon the books that I had promised to give them a new home. And yes, I do get emotionally attached to books. After the sorting, I only get 13 books to come along with me. And all that for only RM6. I mean, the total was RM106 but I got to use the book voucher. So, yeah.



And the best part, I had satisfied my Starbucks craving. Hot venti decaf hazelnut latte with extra shot of espresso and caramel drizzle yum yumm. But that piece of heaven had cost me RM17.30. Even more expensive than I had to pay for the books and bus fare altogether.

But it can not get any better when you have books on one of your hand and a cup of coffee in the other.

And, just so you know, I had settled two novels amidst bundles of assignments. My priority might need to be altered.

Kriik kriik.

Oh I can't wait until it is mid-semester break. Why? Because I get to stay for a few days in KL to meet up my old friends. The only thing is, I do not have the chance to send off my friend that will be going to further her study in Japan. Hmm. But I am still excited for the trip.

I still have tonnes of stories to tell. But I forgot them all. How come?


My roommate is going to the kursus kahwin. I am still not ready for that shit. I can imagine my mom screaming if I tell her I did go to that thing. Haha. Maybe next time, or the time after that. It is not a priority for me right now. Just let it be, let it come slowly and naturally *self advising for that I had not found anyone yet*

Eventually, it will come, right?

Maybe, eventually, I really have to start worrying about my assignments.




Kbye awesomes. I love you.